Benefits of Learning English

As we all know, English is the most widely spread language used in the world. Although there are more countries that do not speak the language, it is still the one that we use to communicate with others from other nations. A big number of the population of non-English speaking countries learn the language. They try out a different ultimate language-learning system, enroll in big or small English academies, study with teachers online, or even study on their own at homes.

The age range of these learners is quite wide – from the cutest three-year old to the wise sixty-year old. And each and every one of them have their own reasons for learning English, may they be petty or something as important as getting a business deal done. Why are there more and more people who are mastering English, nowadays? Although it is only second to Mandarin when it comes to the total number of speakers, English is still the language that is most widely used. When you go to other countries where English is not the first language, the only way to communicate with the people there is through English. Most of the citizens in almost all the countries have English as one of their subjects in school. So, basically, they would know even just a little bit of it. It would allow you to make friends from these countries and even learn more about their culture. English is the official language used in business. Since a lot of businesses are going global, interactions between clients and the trader are usually in English. Memos, emails, contracts, reports and agreements are in English. Presentations are also expected to be in English, especially if there is a foreigner in the group.

Learning the English language is also important for employees who want to advance higher in their career, and for those who are still starting to look for a career for themselves. There are more opportunities for applicants who speak the language. They would be able to give out a more educated, dignified and skilled demeanor to those who are assaying them. Moreover, it is beneficial for those who wish to study college in prestigious schools. Most, if not all, top schools in the world use English as their official language. If you are falling behind in your English that means that you would also fall behind in other subjects because they are all taught in English. Aside from those four most dominant reasons, there are even more why people spend money, time and effort being good in speaking and writing in English: Movies that many people enjoy are in English. When you travel, whether it be because of business or just pleasure, you communicate with the natives in English. English is also the universal language of technology. Since fifty-five percent of the pages you see on the World Wide Web are in English, knowledge of the language would allow you to explore the scholastic world even more. So, if you’re thinking of learning a new language, why not try English?